Planning and Zoning

Home to nearly 2,760 people, The City of Williston was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Willis and incorporated in 1897. Williston’s Planning and Zoning Committee and City Planner are working hard to retain its country charm and maintaining its history while ensuring a vibrant economy.

P&Z Board Vacancy

The City of Williston is seeking volunteers to fill two (2) vacancies on the Local Planning Agency (LPA)/Zoning Commission (P&Z Commission). The vacancy needs to be filled as soon as approved by the City Council. The P&Z meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m., in the City Hall Council Chambers (50 NW Main Street, downtown Williston).

The P&Z Commission is responsible for making recommendations to the City Council for updates to the comprehensive plan, reviewing and making recommendations on rezoning, and land development regulations.

The Planning Commission is comprised of seven members serving four-year terms. The membership includes seven citizen-at-large positions and one School Board member (appointed by the School Board).

Applicants must live within the City limits of the City of Williston.  Please contact the Community Development Department for an application at 352-528-3060 or

Zoning Forms and Applications


The City of Williston utilizes City Ordinances can be found by clicking below.


The Planning and Zoning Commission makes up the membership of the Historical and Beautification Committee. The City of Williston Historical and Beautification Committee is an advisory committee to the Williston City Council that was established by City Charter for the public health, welfare, sanitation, economic stability, beautification and general civic improvement of the City. The duties of the historical and beautification committee are to recommend and survey the need for municipal improvements that will generally keep the City a fit place as to health, sanitation, civic beauty and proper economic development.

Do you know some who has wonderful tales and accounts about Willistons’s past? Do you like to talk to groups about the “good ol days”? The Williston Historical and Beautification Committee is pleased to present a special program connecting residents of Williston with each other to pass down the charming and important history of the area and record it for posterity. Please contact Laura Jones at 352-528-3060 to participate.

Historic Plaque Program

Thank you for your interest in the Williston Historic Plaque Program!  If your property is a historic structure, or a culturally significant person or event is related to the property, you are invited to apply for a local historic landmark designation.  When approved you will be presented with a Williston Historic Plaque to display on your property.

Criteria for Designation

A minimum of one of the following:

  • A structure on the property is at least 80 years old;
  • A person stayed at the property who was significant to the history of Williston, the state, or nation;
  • An event occurred on the site that was significant to the history of Williston, a state, or national event.


The applicant should:

  • Research the resource to determine historical significance.
  • Obtain property owner’s permission to place a marker at the proposed marker location.
  • Complete and submit the application and supporting documents.
  • Arrange for installation of the marker.

Complete & Submit the Application Form

The City of Williston Historical and Beautification Committee will review all applicants for approval.  If an application is not approved, they will give recommendations to applicant for future approval.