Home to nearly 2,760 people, The City of Williston was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Willis and incorporated in 1897. Williston’s Planning and Zoning Committee and City Planner are working hard to retain its country charm and maintaining its history while ensuring a vibrant economy.

Next P&Z Commission Meeting October 26, 2021 at 6PM

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Commission Members

Albert Fuller Sr. – Chair

Penny Boyer – Vice Chair

John Becker

Perry Adam Clark

Matthew Bellefleur

Rick Merando

Marc Pompeo

Zoning Information


The City of Williston utilizes Municode.com. City Ordinances can be found by clicking below.



The Planning and Zoning Commission makes up the membership of the Historical and Beautification Committee. The City of Williston Historical and Beautification Committee is an advisory committee to the Williston City Council that was established by City Charter for the public health, welfare, sanitation, economic stability, beautification and general civic improvement of the City. The duties of the historical and beautification committee are to recommend and survey the need for municipal improvements that will generally keep the City a fit place as to health, sanitation, civic beauty and proper economic development.